From a kid’s eye view: Valentine’s Day

kids eye view valentine's day

Wow! So, it’s Valentine’s Day!!!

I’m so excited! There’s so much pink and so much chocolate. Seriously, so much chocolate.

Mom tried to explain to me what Valentine’s Day was all about. I honestly don’t care.


Well, actually, I am a little curious about that naked guy with the bow and arrow. Who is he? Does HE have chocolate? Is he nice? Who does he use that bow and arrow on? That thing looks like it could do some damage.

I heard Dad mention something to Mom about “getting lucky” while he was handing her a box of chocolates.

Dad, don’t you know you’re ALREADY lucky? Have you seen Mom?? She’s a total babe and makes really good plates of fishy crackers. I’m not sure how much more lucky you could get.

Mom just looked at Dad and gave him “the smile”. You know, the one where you wonder if she’s going to hug you or send you to your room? Except, I don’t think she’s going to hug Dad, and she’s definitely not going to send him to his room.  Maybe she’s got an in with the guy with the bow and arrow? I bet that thing would hurt Dad more than the throat punch she threatens him with from time to time.

I think I’ll give Mom some of my chocolate. It calms her. It makes her a nice person.

I won’t even mention “getting lucky”, although a plate of fishy crackers would be nice about now…


I’m the smartest person in the world.